About Us

For years, David Rost had been producing short cell phone videos of his children, as they explored the world of action sports.  However, filming was always difficult, as the family was always on the move...biking, skiing and hiking.  And as we all know, once the moment is gone, there is never a chance for a repeat performance.

Therefore, David began to improvise ways to make what already worked for him - his phone - into a solution, which could be strapped onto ones body to capture the action, hands free.  He was after something far more straightforward, accessible and intuitive than some of the existing technical and professional level products out there...and the result was READYACTION.

Today, READYACTION mounting systems can be found in multiple varieties and they can be used to mount a phone or tablet to ones chest, head, wrist, bike, car, etc.  Mount your phone to your head, mount your iPad to your chest or use READYACTION as a tablet stand, that can convert into a car mounting system...the options are endless!

READYACTION is proud to say that it's device mounting system is Made in the USA!

Strap on a READYACTION iPad harness, click in the device that you want to use, read up on some emails, do some hands-free filming, stop and share your films on Facebook.  READYACTION makes multi-tasking very easy and fun!