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READYACTION Sport 2 - For Small Tablets and large Smartphones


Get a READYACTION Sport 2 and attach your Google Nexus 7, Samsung Tab 4 or similar device and start accessing your data hands free on our Chest Harness. 
  • READYACTION Sport 2 has 3+" screws adding range opening from 4.25" to 6" (Simply measure your device)
  • READYACTION Sport 2 holds all tablets/samartphones in the 4.25" to 6" measurement. Perfect for Google Nexus 7 and Samsung Tab 4. Allows for Apple 5,6,7 Smartphones and others, in Portrait mode viewing. Fits Mini in landscape mode  
  • Perfect for on the Job. Very app and data friendly! You wont even know its on your chest when not in use in the up position. In the down position it sits at 90 degrees for perfect viewing!
  • Tacky rubber grips tablet on top and bottom for a firm fit
  • Rust-free brass fittings/fasteners
  • READYACTION mount fits all cameras (except Gopro)
  • Made in America(READYACTION Sport) in Pittsburgh, Pa
  • Combo includes one (1) READYACTION mount, one (1) main pivot hinge and one (1) adjustable chest harness (one size fits most- 50 LBS and up)

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