READYACTION- Tablet Adapter Combo Mount


Get a READYACTION combo mount and attach your READYACTION Office (Tablet Holder) practically anywhere!  READY...Tablet...ACTION!


  • Combo attaches the bottom of our tablet holder called Office, to our bike/ bar/pole mount and tilting hinge
  • Mount opens to 1-3/4" x 1-3/8" and closes to approx 3/8" in diameter
  • Now you can attach your tablet almost anywhere using our versatile combo.  It easily attaches to carts, poles, fence posts, chairs, beds, desks, tool chests.... practically anywhere! 
  • Combo attaches easily to back of car seat head rest. This allows for passengers in rear seats perfect tablet access. Combo can be removed in seconds when not in use. 
  • Combo attaches easily to ATV's, golf carts, fence posts ect... when you need your tablet on the move. Works great for field workers or any one who needs hands free access to tablets while on the go 
  • Great in use with our chest harness. Simply unscrew from base and simply re-attach to this combo in seconds and vise versa. Now your tablet wont be misplaced because its always attached to one of our mounts
  • Made in America/ Pittsburgh, Pa (READYACTION Office and tablet adapter)
  • Combo includes (1) tablet adapter with 2 thumb screws,(1) adjustable bar mount, (1) adjustable locking pivot hinge
  • Must own READYACTION Office (tablet Holder) to attach to this mount. Tablet holder sold separately 

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