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READYACTION Sport - Universal Smartphone Holder - iPhone Holder / Android Holder


Get a READYACTION Sport and mount your Smartphone almost anywhere!  Hit the slopes, drop into a half pipe, ride the waves/bike trails or whatever is your pleasure with your hands free device.  READY smartphone ACTION! This is wearable technology! 
  • READYACTION Sport is a universal smartphone holder that fits all Smartphones (with or without a case)
  • READYACTION Sport fits all our mounts including: chest/ head harness, bike mount, suction cup mount, stick mounts, selfiestick, dog harness, GoPro Hero® camera (with our adapter) ect... 
  • READYACTION Sport opens top to bottom from 2 3/8" to 4 1/4" 
  • Smartphones that fit: All iphones 4,5,6,S,+, All Samsung, All Androids, All Sony, All Blackberry, All LGs, All HTC, all Nokia ect...(in any case too!)
  • Take advantage of your Smartphones power, awesome camera features like Slomo, Timelapse, and millions of apps 
  • READYACTION Sport is spring loaded! This means holder will stay adjusted to your smartphone size automatically and make for easy loading/unloading of device
  • READYACTION Sport is made of the highest quality materials. ABS plastic, brass screws and inserts and 4 rubber inserts top and bottom on inside that surround, cushion and protect your smartphone
  • READYACTION Sport was designed for total screen viewing, button control, and the smartphone camera lens being un-obscured for filming
  • READYACTION Sport will fit onto any tripod mount
  • Includes (1) universal smartphone holder (2) thumbscrews

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